Programme (pdf)

Each presenter in a parallel session is also the discussant of the previous paper, with the presenter of the first paper discussing the paper scheduled as the last one in the same session.


Thursday, June 26

14:00 -              Opening registration

16:00 - 16:15    Welcome session (Mimosa room)

16:15 - 18:15    Contributed Session 1

18:30 - 19:00    Transfers to downtown

18:30 - 20:30    Welcome cocktail at 'Largo Trevisani'  - Alberobello

Friday, June 27 

09:00 - 11:00    Contributed Session 2

11:00 - 11:30    Coffee break

11:30 - 13:00    Plenary Session 1: David Martimort (Paris School of Economics):
                         Vertical Contracting with Bilateral Opportunism


13:00 - 14:30    Lunch

14:30 - 16:00    Contributed Session 3

16:00 - 16:30    Coffee break

16:30 - 18:30    Contributed Session 4


19:30    Transfers to Polignano a Mare


20:30 - 23:30    Social Dinner at Grotta Palazzese - Polignano a Mare

Saturday, June 28 

09:00 - 11:00    Contributed Session 5

11:00 - 11:30    Coffee break

11:30 - 13:00    Plenary Session 2: Mark Armstrong (University of Oxford):
                         Market performance when only some consumers are savvy

13:00 - 14:00    Lunch

14:00 - 16:00    Contributed Session 6


 EXPERIMENTS I  (Glicine room)top

Chair: Abdolkarim Sadrieh (Universität Magdeburg)

Alexia Gaudeul (Universität Jena), Paolo Crosetto:
Do Common Standards Promote Competition? A Market Experiment

Iván Barreda-Tarrazona (Universitat Jaume I de Castellón), Aurora Garcia-Gallego, Nikolaos Georgantzis, Nicholas Ziros:
Strategic Behavior in Exchange Economies with No-Trade Nash Equilibrium

Maria Bigoni (Università di Bologna), Marco Casari, Andrzej Skrzypacz, Giancarlo Spagnolo:
Time Horizon and Cooperation in Continuous Time

Simon Weidenholzer (University of Essex), Daniel Friedman, Steffen Huck, Ryan Opread:
From Imitation to Collusion: Long-Run Learning in a Low-Information Environment



REGULATION   (Ortensia room)top

Chair: Laura Rondi (Politecnico di Torino),

Carlo Cambini (Politecnico di Torino), Francisca Bremberger, Klaus Gugler, Laura Rondi:
Dividend Smoothing and Payout in Regulated Network Industries: Evidence from EU

Luciano Greco (Università di Padova), Fabio M. Manenti:
Bottleneck Structural Regulation with Endogenous Downstream Competition

Nicola Doni (Università di Firenze), Pier Angelo Mori:
Pricing and Price Regulation in a Customer-Owned Monopoly

Annalisa Vinella (Università degli Studi di Bari), Daniel Danau:
From Fixed to State-Dependent Duration in Public-Private Contracts



THE ECONOMICS OF R&Dtop (Magnolia room)

Chair: Marco Di Cintio (Università del Salento)

Maria Luisa Mancusi (Università Cattolica, Milano), Andrea Vezzulli:
R&D and Credit Rationing over the Credit Cycle

Emmanuel Petrakis (University of Crete), Christos Cabolis, Constantine Manasakis, Diego Moreno:
Horizontal Mergers and Acquisitions with Endogenous Efficiency Gains

Stefano Comino (University of Udine & CESifo), Clara Graziano:
How Many Patents Does It Take to Signal Innovation Quality?

María Engracia Rochina-Barrachina (Universitat de València), Pilar Beneito, Amparo Sanchis:
Ownership and the Cyclicality of Firms' R&D Investment



Chair: Michele Giuranno (Università del Salento)

Maria José Gil-Moltó (University of Sheffield), Bouwe R. Dijkstra:
Is Emission Intensity or Output U-shaped in the Strictness of Environmental Policy?

Dimitrios Varvarigos (University of Leicester), Eleni Stathopoulou:
Corruption, Entry and Pollution

Federico Boffa (Università di Macerata & IEB Barcelona), Amedeo Piolatto, Giacomo A. M. Ponzetto:
Centralization and Accountability: Theory and Evidence from the Clean Air Act

Luca Di Corato (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences), Cesare Dosi, Michele Moretto:
Bidding for Conservation Contracts



AUCTIONS (Mimosa room)top

Chair: Marco Pagnozzi (Università di Napoli Federico II & CSEF)

Antonio Rosato (University of Technology, Sidney), Marco Pagnozzi:
Entry by Takeover: Auctions vs. Bilateral Negotiations

Hisayuki Yoshimoto (University of Glasgow), Kirill Chernomaz:
Are Structural Estimates of Asymmetric First-Price Auction Models Credible? Semi- & Nonparametric Scrutinizations

Daniel García (University of Vienna), Joaquin Coleff:
Information Provision in Procurement Auctions

Mario Blázquez de Paz (Università di Bologna):
Effect of Transmission Constraints on a Nodal Price Electricity Market




Chair: Alessandra Chirco (Università del Salento)

Ester Manna (ECARES - Université Libre de Bruxelles):
Customer-Oriented Employees: Blessing or Curse for Firms?

Radoslawa Nikolowa (Queen Mary University of London): Motivate and Select:
Relational Contracts with Persistent Types

Laura Rondi (Politecnico di Torino), Carlo Cambini, Sara De Masi:
Incentive Compensation and Incentive Regulation: Empirical Evidence

Rainer Andergassen (Università di Bologna):
Stock-based and stock option-based compensation, product market competition and fraud



ADVERTISINGtop(Ortensia room)

Chair: Emmanuel Petrakis (University of Crete)

Maria Alipranti (Universität Düsseldorf), Emmanuel Petrakis:
Comparative Advertising in Markets with Network Externalities

Claudio Panico (Università Bocconi), Sebastiano Alessio Delre:
Investigating Business Strategies for New Product Introduction

Sandro Shelegia (University of Vienna), Chris M. Wilson:
A Generalized (Clearinghouse) Model of Sales with New Insights and Applications

Giovanni Ursino (Università Cattolica, Milano), Salvatore Piccolo, Piero Tedeschi:
Deceptive Advertising with Rational Buyers




Chair: Joel Sandonis (Universidad de Alicante)

Hodaka Morita (University of New South Wales), Arghya Ghosh:
Knowledge Transfer and Partial Equity Ownership

Roberta Dessí (Toulouse School of Economics ), NinYin:
Venture Capital and Knowledge Transfer

Elpiniki Bakaouka (Athens University of Economics & Business), Chrysovalantou Milliou:
Vertical Technology Transfer, Input Specificity and Price Discrimination

Eva-Maria Scholz (CORE, Université Catholique de Louvain):
Licensing to Vertically Related Markets



MEDIA ECONOMICS   (Magnolia room)top

Chair: Lapo Filistrucchi (Università di Firenze & Tilburg University)

Elena Argentesi (Università di Bologna), Luca Aguzzoni, Lorenzo Ciari, Tomaso Duso, Massimo Tognoni:
Ex-post Merger Evaluation in the UK Retail Market for Books

Germain Gaudin (Universität Düsseldorf), Alexander White:
On the Antitrust Economics of the Electronic Books Industry

Maria Rosa Battaggion (Università di Bergamo & CRIOS Bocconi), Alessandro Vaglio:
Newspapers and Public Grants: a Matter of Quality

Matthew Ellman (Institut d'Anàlisi Econòmica & GSE, Barcelona):
How to Subsidise the News



BEHAVIORAL IOtop (Mimosa room)

Chair: Bradley Ruffle (Wilfrid Laurier University)

Sofronis Clerides (University of Cyprus & CEPR), Pascal Courty:
Sales, Quantity Surcharge, and Consumer Inattention

Ennio Bilancini (Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia), Leonardo Boncinelli:
Persuasion with Reference Cues and Elaboration Costs

Anastasia Shchepetova (Toulouse School of Economics & CREST):
Confusopoly: Price vs. Product Features



MARKET EXCLUSIONtop (Glicine room)

Chair: Emanuele Tarantino (Università di Bologna)

Jeanine Miklós-Thal (University of Rochester), Greg Shaffer:
Naked Exclusion with Private Offers

Enrique Ide (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile), Nicolás Figueroa, Juan-Pablo Montero:
Discounts as a Barrier to Entry

Liliane Giardino-Karlinger (Università LUISS, Roma), Claudio A. Calcagno:
Collective Exclusion



TRADE Itop (Ortensia room)

Chair: Antonio Minniti (University di Bologna)

Swati Dhingra (London School of Economics), Andrew Bernard:
The Divisive Effects of Importing

Nigar Hashimzade (Durham University & Institute for Fiscal Studies), Hassan Khodavaisi, Gareth D. Myles:
Does MFN Status Encourage Quality Convergence

Gaetano Alfredo Minerva (Università di Bologna):
FDI and Endogenous Market Shares with Multiproduct Multinational Firms




Chair: Caterina Colombo (Università di Ferrara)

Pim Heijnen (University of Groningen), Adriaan R. Soetevent:
Price Competition on Graphs

Matteo Alvisi (Università di Bologna), Emanuela Carbonara:
Entry in Complementary-Good Markets: Selling the Whole Package May Be Pro-Competitive

Emanuele Bacchiega (Università di Bologna), Olivier Bonroy:
On the Benefits of Contractual Inefficiency in Quality-Differentiated Markets



TRANSPORTATIONtop (Magnolia room)

Chair: Claudio Piga (Keele University)

Lorenzo Zirulia (Università di Bologna), Marco Savioli:
Add-on Pricing: Theory and Evidence from the Cruise Industry

Marco Alderighi (Università della Val d'Aosta), Angela S. Bergantino:
Open Regulatory Issues in the European Railway Sector: Allocation and Financing of the Minimum Service

Claudia Capozza (Università degli Studi di Bari), Angela S. Bergantino:
One price for all? The Role of Market Captivity as a Price Discrimination Device: Evidence from the Italian City-Pair Markets




Chair: Jeanine Miklós-Thal (University of Rochester)

Joel Sandonis (Universidad de Alicante),Chrysovalantou Milliou:
Manufacturers Mergers and Product Variety in Vertically Related Markets

Emanuele Tarantino (Università di Bologna), Markus Reisinger:
Vertical Integration, Foreclosure and Productive Efficiency

Simen Aardal Ulsaker (Norwegian School of Economics):
Multi-Input Downstream Firms and Vertical Contracting



PROCUREMENTtop (Mimosa room)

Chair: Corrado Benassi (Università di Bologna)

Giancarlo Spagnolo (Università Tor Vergata & SITE), Giacomo Calzolari:
Relational Contracts and Competitive Screening

Igor Letina (University of Zürich), Armin Schmutzler:
Procuring Variety

Francesco Decarolis (Boston University), Riccardo Pacini, Giancarlo Spagnolo:
The Role of Reputation when Awarding Contracts: Empirical Evidence from a Vendor Rating System

Alberto Iozzi (Università Tor Vergata & SOAS University of London), Gian Luigi Albano, Berardino Cesi:
Public Procurement Contracts with Unverifiable Quality: The Case for Discretionary Competitive Procedures



EXPERIMENTS IItop (Ortensia room)

Chair: Bradley Ruffle (Wilfrid Laurier University)

Marco Pagnozzi (Università di Napoli Federico II & CSEF), Krista Jabs Saral:
Multi-Object Auctions with Resale: An Experimental Analysis

Alexander Rasch (Universität Düsseldorf & Universität Köln):
Wanda Mimra, Christian Waibel: Second Opinions in Markets for Expert Services: Experimental Evidence

Natalia Montinari (Lund University), Valeria Maggian, Antonio Nicolò:
Inefficient Back Scratching in Hierarchical Organizations: a Dark Side of Reciprocity

Marco Faravelli (University of Queensland), Lana Friesen, Lata Gangadharn:
Selection, Tournaments, and Dishonesty



Chair: Sandro Shelegia (University of Vienna)

Helena Perrone (Universitat Pompeu Fabra & GSE Barcelona), Pierre Dubois:
Price Dispersion and Search Costs: The Roles of Imperfect Information and Product Differentiation

Stefano Colombo (Università Cattolica, Milano), Noriaki Matsushima:
Lowering Customer Costs in a Competition between Physical and Internet Retailers: Does it Always Pay?

Fabrizio Colonna (Banca d'Italia), Emanuela Ciapanna:
One for All, All for One: Buying Groups in the Retail Sector

Joshua Sherman (University of Vienna), Avi Weiss:
An Empirical Analysis of Search Costs and Price Dispersion



TWO-SIDED MARKETStop (Magnolia room)

Chair: Maria Rosa Battaggion (Università di Bergamo)

Thomas Gall (University of Southampton):
Sorting Across Markets

Stefan Behringer (Universität Heidelberg):
Price Competition between Platforms: Equilibrium Coexistence on Competing Online Auction Sites revisited

Ming Gao (Tsinghua University):
Platform Pricing in Mixed Two-Sided Markets

Lapo Filistrucchi (Università di Firenze & Tilburg University), Tobias J. Klein:
Price Competition in Two-Sided Markets with Heterogeneous Consumers and Network Effects




Chair: Giancarlo Spagnolo (Università Tor Vergata & SITE)

Dennis L. Gärtner (University of Bonn):
Corporate Leniency in a Dynamic World: the Preemptive Push of an Uncertain Future

Andrea Günster (ETH Zürich), Gerard Hertig, Mathijs A. van Dijk:
Cartels and Ownership Concentration

Barbara Chizzolini (Università Bocconi):
Mergers in Banking from an Antitrust Perspective

Pierluigi Sabbatini (Italian Competition Authority):
The Coordinated Effect of a Merger with Tacit and Egalitarian Collusion



GAME THEORYtop (Glicine room)

Chair: Roberto Cellini (Università di Catania)

Sergio Currarini (University of Leicester & Universita' di Venezia), Francesco Feri:
Information Sharing Networks in Linear Quadratic Games

Catherine Bobtcheff (Toulouse School of Economics), Jerome Bolte, Thomas Mariotti:
Researcher's Dilemma

Alberto Vesperoni (University of Siegen):
A Contest Success Function for Rankings

Federico Quartieri (IULM, Milano), Ryusuke Shinohara:
Coalition-Proofness, Welfare Properties and Structure of Nash Equilibria in a Class of Games with Strategic Substitutes



EXPERIMENTS IIItop (Ortensia room)

Chair: Alexia Gaudeul (Universität Jena)

Abdolkarim Sadrieh (Universität Magdeburg), Daniel Cracau:
Dropping by or Here to Stay? The Effect of Entry Investments on Entry in Multimarket Competition

Jos Jansen (Aarhus University & Max Planck Institute), Andreas Pollak:
Strategic Disclosure of Demand Information by Duopolists: Theory and Experiment

Kenan Kalayci (University of Queensland), Kian Nam Loke:
An Experimental Study of Competition in Two-Sided Markets

Jeroen Hinloopen (University of Amsterdam), Adriaan R. Soetevent:
Insurance, Risk Aversion, and Loss Manipulation: an Experiment



EMPIRICAL IOtop (Magnolia room)

Chair: Camilla Mastromarco (Università del Salento)

Fabio Pieri (Universitat de València), Chiara Franco, Francesco Venturini:
Product Market Regulation and Innovation Efficiency

Antonio Della Malva (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven), Enrico Santarelli:
Intellectual Property Rights, Distance to the Frontier and R&D

Federico Tamagni (Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Pisa), Stefano Bianchini, Giulio Bottazzi:
What Does (or Does not) Determine Persistent Corporate High Growth?

Gianpiero Meloni (Università di Sassari), Dimitri Paolini, Juan de Dios Tena:
American Beauty: an Analysis of U.S. Movies Revenues in the Global Markets




Chair: Carlo Cambini (Politecnico di Torino)

Sjaak Hurkens (Institut d'Anàlisi Econòmica, Barcelona), Angel L. Lopez:
Who Should Pay for Two-Way Interconnection?

Lukasz Grzybowski (Telecom ParisTech), Frank Verboven, Bruno Lovat:
Substitution and Complementarity between Fixed-line and Mobile Access

Bipasa Datta (University of York), Yu-Shan Lo:
To Block or not to Block? Network Competition when Skype Enters the Mobile Market

Elias Carroni (Université de Namur), Simone Righi:
Pricing in Social Networks under Limited Information




Chair: Marcella Scrimitore (Università del Salento)

Marco Marinucci (Banca d'Italia):
Cooperative R&D Networks among Firms and Public Research Institutions

Dolores Añón Higon (Universitat de València):
Corporate Basic Research and First-movers

Daniela Tellone (Università di Pescara 'G. D'Annunzio'), Xavier Wauthy:
Spillovers Effects on Competition between Higher Education Institution

Samuli Leppälä (Cardiff University): 
Theoretical Perspectives on Localised Knowledge Spillovers and Agglomeration




Chair: Sofronis Clerides (University of Cyprus & CEPR)

Luciano Greco (Università di Padova), Marco Buso:
Public and Private Finance of PPPs

Luis Vasconcelos (University of Essex), Salvatore Piccolo, Giovanni W. Puopolo:
Non-Exclusive Financial Advice

Maria Luisa Mancusi (Università Cattolica, Milano), Serena Frazzoni, Zeno Rotondi, Maurizio Sobrero, Andrea Vezzulli: Innovation and Export in SMEs: the Role of Relationship Banking

Bert Willems (Tilburg University), Pär Holmberg:
Relaxing Competition through Speculation: Committing to a Negative Supply Slope



TRADE IItop (Magnolia room)

Chair: Swati Dhingra (London School of Economics)

Pavel Chakraborty (University of Oxford):
Environmental Standards and Trade: Evidence from a Natural Experiment

Alireza Naghavi (Università di Bologna), Shin-Kun Peng, Yingyi Tsai:
Relationship-Specific Investments and Contract Enforcement with Heterogeneous Suppliers

Maria Teresa Trentinaglia (Università di Milano):
Country-specific Rigidities and Investment Decisions: Quantity Competition and Demand Uncertainty

Pierpaolo Giannoccolo (Università di Bologna), Cecilia Vergari:
Do I vertically integrate? When Glocal Policies and International Openness Matter